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Restaurants Innovating Mobile Marketing: What You Can Learn from their Efforts


Mobile marketing is widely recognized as an emerging trend in successful marketing strategies. It still comprises a pretty small portion of overall advertising expenditures and lead-generation, but it is arguably the future with respect to reaching consumers.

Whether they have to or not, mobile campaigns are certainly growing in the current market. This is true of American industries in general and the restaurant industry in particular, with noteworthy examples recently emerging.

Auntie Anne’s

For instance, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and the Coca-Cola Company have partnered with a pair of marketing firms to develop a mobile campaign aimed at tracking its own effectiveness. With mobile distribution, each individual ad viewed by a customer can be connected to a unique redemption code. This code allows analysts to connect the ad to individual buyers and the precise purchases they made.

As mobile marketing grows, favorable results from this sort of analysis can help it grow faster and stronger. But even if the results aren’t favorable to mobile marketing, the very fact that such analysis can be made makes it worthwhile for businesses to grow the practice.

Lettuce Entertain You

Another collaborative relationship has been developed between Lettuce Entertain You and mobile commerce company Mocapay. Under this partnership, Lettuce Entertain You has begun to offer mobile versions of familiar promotional services, including gift cards, coupons and frequent buy cards.

The mobile versions of these frequent buyer cards are linked with customers’ ordinary plastic cards. The purpose of all of this is apparently to provide the customer with choice.

Bob Wattel, the creator of the frequent dining club at Lettuce Entertain You, is quoted as saying, “Mobile has demonstrated for us the importance of reaching customers that are on the go and rely on real-time information.”

If Wattel is right and consumers themselves demand the up-to-the-minute details that mobile offers, it will be a continued driver of mobile marketing, as well as other programs like restaurant online ordering.

Papa Murphy’s

Jenifer Anhorn, the chief marketing officer at Papa Murphy’s, expressed the same sentiment, saying, “Consumers are seeking faster and more flexible ways to access our restaurants,” and “It’s important for us to offer new and exciting ways for our customers to communicate and engage with Papa Murphy’s.”

With that in mind, Papa Murphy’s introduced a mobile marketing campaign that calls for customer interaction, mainly through texting to opt-in for special offers. These are advertised in the physical restaurants and on traditional ads.

Such a program does keep the customer directly engaged with the company, and it may also alter their expectations for future interactions. If customers are used to using their mobile phones to connect with the company, they may come to want to use the same means to navigate an online ordering system. The progress that restaurants expect becomes the progress that they push into reality.

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