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What Your Future Kitchen Will Look Like: Future Tech Here Today


kitchen remodel: 1927 Mission Revival bungalow

Designing your perfect kitchen so that your satisfaction can compare to city trips and sightseeing in Orlando means finding the ideal appliances for the space you’re working with, including, dishwashers, refrigerators and small appliances. But, it’s more than a simple matter of choosing the best appliances … you have to blend them with your kitchen design as well.

Today’s technological innovations in kitchen appliances and designs means that it is easier than ever to find not only the perfect accessories for your kitchen, but also those that make your life easier. Consider:

  • Touch Faucets: This innovative kitchen sink hardware allows you to turn on your water with just a touch. How convenient for those times when you have your hands full or have just finished mixing up a batch of dough or burgers! You can find touch faucets in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any design.
  • Smart Fridges: One exciting advancement in kitchen appliance innovation comes with a refrigerator that keeps tabs on its contents … and can generate recipes based on what’s inside.

Some smart fridges can even sync with your smartphone, letting you see from anywhere what you have and what you need. You can enter the contents of your fridge into the system either by typing, voice recognition or scanning receipts from your grocery trip.

  • Smart Dishwashers: Never worry about your dishes not getting clean again when you let your smart dishwasher adjust the amount of detergent you need. Simply test your water hardness using the included kit, input that information, add a jug of detergent to the reservoir, and let the appliance do the rest.
  • Smart dishwashers sense how dirty dishes are and release the amount of detergent needed to adequately clean them — and not a drop more. How’s that for innovative efficiency?
  • Transparent Appliances: While not so much a technological innovation, transparent appliance doors are quickly becoming all the rage in kitchen design innovation.

Glass doors on fridges and dishwashers give your kitchen a very modern, even futuristic look. It’s a perfect idea for anyone who wants a unique kitchen design and can’t find what they’re looking for in stainless, cabinetry or traditional finishes.

  • Multi-Purpose Small Appliances: After your major kitchen appliances, small appliances complete the job of making your kitchen functional and efficient. The problem is, though, that small appliances can quickly take up valuable counter space and make the room look cluttered.

Enter multi-purpose appliances. You can find coffee makers that will grind your beans to your specifications, then brew it on a timer, giving you the convenience of two appliances in the space of one. You can also find toasters that cook eggs and blenders that also chop, juice and grind!

If you’re designing or redesigning a kitchen, take a moment or two to look into the innovative items available today. They can make your life easier!

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