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Bing Takes on Google


Bing trying to challenge Google
Maybe you’ve heard of Bing, but have you really used it? If not, Microsoft claims that you’re missing out. The new “Bing It On” challenge lets users search on both Bing and Google simultaneously and shows the results side by side. Surprisingly, in these blind tests Bing regularly beats Google.

Users have no clue which side is Bing and which side is Google but rate which side provides the best results. Users must search for five unique things and vote before it’s revealed who the winner is. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for San Francisco sky diving companies or a local guitar repair shop. Based on 1,000 responses, Bing is the clear winner with 66 percent of users preferring Bing results.

Bing It

Does “Bing it” have the same ring as “Google it?” Google has been the uber-giant of online search engines for so long that “Googling” things is part of everyday life. Maybe Microsoft does provide better search results than the reigning king, but that might not mean anything at all. We’re creatures of habit and unlikely to leave what’s familiar.

What wasn’t considered in the blind test were Google ads, Bing’s snapshot pages and the Google Knowledge graph. The study only looked at which search results the users preferred. This limited view may or may not have contributed to the results. However, the biggest missing puzzle piece was Google’s staple layout, which is what most people associate with the “best” search engine.

Everyone Wants a Piece of the Action

Since the results were posted, several media outlets have taken on the challenge with mixed results. Some prefer Bing while others prefer Google. Others resulted in a tie. Of course, the authenticity of these results may be skewed since there’s no way to prove them.

What it comes down to is that everyone has different preferences. Even the Microsoft official blind study showed that only 66 percent of people preferred Bing. Are those Google users who chose Bing willing to give up what they’re familiar with, along with easy access to their Gmail accounts and Google docs at the top of the browser? Only time will tell.

Bing’s Coming out Swinging

Microsoft has a big challenge ahead. Surely a lot of money was spent to make Bing the default search engine on the latest Kindle Fire. Google was the default for previous generations. Is this a sign of a Bing victory, or simply a sign that Google doesn’t have much faith in the Kindle surviving? Maybe Google’s sights are set elsewhere.

Should You Start Seeing Other People?

The only way to see if Bing is better for you is to take the challenge yourself. Test the waters and see how it treats you. Google is up for an open relationship. Remember that if you want to come back, Google will always welcome you with open arms.


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