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What’s More Interesting, The Olympics or #NBCFail?


The Olympics has finally come and gone, after the world had been waiting for four long years. Yet, the Twitter Olympics seemed to get more attention than the actual Games!

Viewers’ disappointment with NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympic games turned into a hate-fest on Twitter with #NBCFail appearing on tweet after hateful tweet.

What Is #NBCFail?

This Twitter trend was America’s way of taking out their frustration with NBC’s disappointing coverage of the Olympics. For example, someone could tweet “Are the people at NBC on drugs or something? #NBCFail.”

The hash tag was created by 48-year-old Steven Marx who tweeted a complaint about NBC’s online coverage of the games to his 17 followers. Marx had no idea the hash tag would explode and create a mob mentality against the network.

Marx has said he really wasn’t that mad at the network and in no way meant to cause the Twitter uproar that has occurred. It seems Marx gave Twitter users an outlet to vent about NBC and, if nothing else, several of the #NBCFail tweeters just wanted to have their part in the action.

What Did NBC Do So Wrong?

The main discrepancy with NBC’s Olympics coverage was the delay of events to play in prime time. Many Americans felt they should be able to watch the Olympic games live, and the time delay posed the threat of viewers discovering the outcomes of games before being able to watch them; however, the games were available live at

Many Americans are also furious with the network for airing a commercial that revealed swimming star Missy Franklin’s gold medal victory before they played the actual footage. NBC also cut out the Opening Ceremonies tribute to the victims of the 2005 terrorist bombing in London and instead aired a Ryan Seacrest interview of Michael Phelps. As each day of the Olympics goes by, there seems to be something new to rant about.

Truth or Hype?

It’s true, NBC has definitely made some major mistakes in airing the 2012 Summer Olympics. However, it isn’t easy to be the network behind one of the biggest television events. It has even been reported NBC is set to lose money on airing the Olympics and accepted this fact going in.

The #NBCFail hash tag turned into a free-for-all. Viewers began watching the Olympics just to see what else they could tweet about. People kept up with the hash tag to see what other crazy things would be said. It was all part of what happens when people have sites like Twitter to connect with and create trends, for better or worse.


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