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Must-Have Apps for College Students


Whether you are attending online classes or going to a military friendly college, you likely want to succeed in your higher learning career. Keeping up with school alone is a job in and of itself. If you happen to be attending classes while managing a home life and career, the task becomes even more of a challenge.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of apps available to help you manage every aspect of your life while attending college. Take advantage of one or more of the following apps to increase your chances of academic success and stay sane in the process:

  • iHomework: Designed specifically for iPhone operating systems, this app will help ensure you never miss a homework assignment again. Keep track of all your projects, reports, assignments and more. Input information regarding your class schedule, contact data for your professors, and even keep tabs on your current grades so you can see your progress.

The color-coded calendar helps you manage your assignments and daily to-do’s whether they are school-related or not. You can even send yourself reminders about important tasks that must be completed, from attending class to taking the laundry to the wash. It’s designed for homework, but it really does so much more!

  • Wi-Fi Finder: You can’t always be at home, tied to your personal Internet service. Use this app to find Wi-Fi access on-the-fly and don’t worry about not being able to complete your research away from home. It’s a great tool to have not only when you have to be away, but also when you just want to find a different environment to work in.
  • Notability: If you have an iPad and you are in college, you simply must have this app. Say goodbye to pen and paper and get on board with digital note-taking. This app allows you to “write” notes directly into your mobile device, or use audio recording or typing.

If you’re worried about losing your data if your phone goes on the fritz, don’t. You can send all of your files to an online storage device, such as Dropbox, and have access to your notes from anywhere, phone or no phone.

You even get a text editor so you can format your notes in any way you see fit. Add photos to help you with visual memorization and organize your notes so you can easily find the information you are looking for.

  • MyFitnessPal: With all of that studying and stress, finding time to take care of your health can be a challenge. This free app gives you access to everything you need in order to stick to your dietary and fitness goals.

Use the web-based app to set your personal data, including caloric requirements, weight-loss goals and exercise goals, and then keep track of what you eat and do on the go.

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