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Guest Post – Cycling Holidays in the UK



We are all watching what we spend at the moment. So it comes as no surprise that holidays are one of the things we are being extra careful about. But having a holiday is one of the most important parts of Family life. So how do we ensure we spend relaxing time with the Family and watch the pennies?

Well, we can go one better than that. Time with the Family, check. Cheap holiday, check. Oh, and something that is healthy too. Quite simply, a Cycling Holiday, especially in the UK is something that delivers on all fronts. On top of that, cycling with the Family is fun too.

Children love being outside, the freedom to ride their bikes in a safe, healthy environment, feeling the wind in their hair, the rain in their face – sorry but we are talking of cycling in the UK – anyway, what’s a bit of rain? Give them plenty of fresh air and the evenings are all yours as the kids fall fast asleep!

Bed and Breakfast Holidays

One of the best ways to enjoy a cycling adventure, is to do it from Town to Town. This requires someone driving a Caravan behind you in a support van kind of way. Alternatively, if you’re not part of the TeamSky setup, you may want to consider staying at some of the UK’s finest Bed and Breakfasts.

Consider this, having had a good night’s sleep, you wake to a warm room, with breathtaking views across the UK countryside. After a hot shower, you stroll downstairs to someone else doing the cooking – bacon, sausages, eggs, toast and a pot of tea or coffee. Now tell me self-catering is better.

There are lots (and lots) of places to cycle in the UK. Children from quite a young age can cope with a long weekend and as the children get older, they can venture further afield. Scotland has some awesome scenery but is perhaps for those with more experienced cyclists. Wales is similar but perhaps more accessible to many living in England.

Northern Ireland is simply beautiful and a quick ferry journey from the mainland. However, if you want to travel by car, without the big water thing between us and Ireland, then we’d suggest Devon, Cornwall or many other places across England. That’s the beauty really, so many places to go, so many things to see. Wherever you go, cycling holidays in the UK are fun and healthy.

Mark Taylor writes on a wide range of bike related topics, primarily on his own website at but also on other cycling websites.

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