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Shopping and Travel: It’s about to Change


A jet in the sky

Founded by three marketing veterans who also have experience in travel, the new e-commerce company has eyes set on the airline industry. It’s an interesting time to get into the travel industry with recreation and travel starting to finally recover along with the economy. As a travel writer, I know just how difficult it can be to tempt customers to spend hard-earned dollars on a splurge.

It’s no secret that airport shopping is expensive. However, it’s also incredibly tempting and sometimes you really need a last-minute item you forgot at home. Shopair founders saw a great opening in that market according to DFNI. Utilizing e-commerce to gather the best airport shopping deals is a new idea that frugal-minded travelers are sure to embrace.

The Brains Behind the Operation

Everyone from tax attorneys to college students want to save on costly airfare. Mick Dawidowicz says the airline industry isn’t taking advantage of the industry, and he’s about to change that. I know I’m guilty of paying too much for a paperback or more comfortable-looking neck pillow. Airports do plenty of retail business, but when’s the last time you saw marketing efforts in that arena?

People are spending at this hot spot regardless of the recession. Sales increased 150 percent since 2000. Billions of dollars are being spent, but the majority of these purchases don’t benefit the airlines. Instead, it’s the sale of luxury goods that are coming in ahead. Shopair sees plenty of room for airlines to make a retail comeback.

Shopair’s Inspiration

The founders see a big opportunity with in-flight shopping. The airlines (literally) have a captive audience and impulse shopping is high. However, do you remember any marketing efforts during your last flight? Shopair is about to change that.

The company sees future marketing efforts as similar to Amazon. As consumers, we have a clear idea of how online shopping is supposed to look, and we’re creatures of habit. Shopair is going to re-work all areas of airport shopping to provide a more shopper-friendly experience. I admit I’ve considered purchasing from the (in)famous airlines magazines but haven’t made that leap yet.

Where Shopair Won’t Go

Shopair is vehement that they will only provide their expertise and no tangible product. They’re steering far away from logistics and carrying any products. I see this as a way to immensely lower any overhead. Serving in more of a consultant role is a great way to get Shopair moving forward.

Of course, another thing to consider is that airlines aren’t doing exceptionally well. Are they going to spend the money to potentially boost their retail sales? Shopair definitely has promise, but it depends wholly on a relatively small number of businesses (airlines) getting on board.

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