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Cost Issues Related to Car Shipping


cars being shipped to another location.

While some people see car shipping as just another, extra charge, when it comes to a move, or another hassle when it comes to buying a vehicle online, it really can be a useful service that fits a need that many people have. At the same time, there can often be a lot of money tied up in the service, which is why you need to be aware of what you are paying, why you are paying it, and what the cost issues are as related to the shipment of a vehicle. Regardless of the reasons behind the shipment, consider the following so that you know why you are paying what you are paying for the services that you are hiring a car carrier for.

Cost of Shipment Varies

The first cost related issues, as related to car shipping, involves the type of shipping that you’ve chosen. Most people choose to opt for closed car shipping, which involves the carrier placing the vehicle inside a protective truck for the duration of transport. While this offers the highest level of protection for your car, it also costs the most. If you are looking for a more affordable solution, then you need to look into open car shipping, which involves loading many cars onto an open car carrier trailer. This opens the vehicle up to more damage because of the elements that it is subjected to, but will cost far less.

Also consider the costs and the fluctuation of costs associated with shipping in and of itself. Because fuel costs rise and fall, carriers are often adjusting their prices so that they aren’t losing money. Similarly, check with the industry professionals to see when the lower cost, off-season is so that you can save money off of whatever kind of shipping services that you need.


Another cost concern associated with moving a vehicle to a new place involves the insurance you have to purchase to make sure your vehicle is protected from any damage that might occur along the way. The cost of insurance varies depending on where you get it from, but it is one thing that you absolutely cannot live without when you are transporting your car. Check with the carrier that you choose to use, as well as the insurance company who insures your vehicle anyways, to see what kind of coverage you can get to ensure that your vehicle is covered.

Multiple Vehicles and Other Thoughts

Though not as prevalent as some, the shipment of multiple vehicles is yet another cost related issue that should be considered. While most car shipping companies are happy to offer multi-car discounts, there will still be added costs associated with the services. Likewise, if there are special services you want added, or if you are moving a vehicle over long distances, you can expect to deal with the fees that are associated with those services and distances.

Want to save a bit of money, like everyone else? Consider terminal to terminal shipping instead of having the car carrier come by your home to pick up the car. This will save you money and time, perhaps, as you will be able to drop the vehicle off when you want and pick it up any time after the carrier arrives in the location where you will need it delivered.

Mandy Koler has worked in the car moving industry for over ten years. With her experience, she strives to help consumers today find the cheapest car transport services and car movers out there. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading and catching up with friends over a nice hot coffee.

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