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4 Types of Attorneys


Everybody knows what a lawyer does, but did you know that there are hundreds of different types of attorneys out there? Like many other career fields, there are tons of specializations within law. No matter what you are looking for, there’s a lawyer who is an expert in each area.

We’re used to see criminal attorneys on TV all of the time, but they are just one of many different types of lawyers that are vital to our society. You likely interact with lawyers a lot more often that you realize.

Here are a few examples of interesting types of attorneys:

1. Aviation Attorney

There are lots of issues and concerns when it comes to flying. The aviation industry is a lot bigger than only commercial transportation. Large amounts of freight is moved through the air and aviation attorneys work with airlines, shipment companies and others to make sure everything is in order from safety guidelines to paperwork.

2. Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability attorneys specialize in dealing with the government and earning proper social security benefits for their clients. It’s a large hassle dealing with complicated government requests and having an attorney can be a really big help. If you need to be sure that your claim gets approved, look for this type of lawyer.

3. Contract Attorney

Oftentimes, contracts go unnoticed, but they are vital part of both the professional and personal realms. Contracts are signed all the time and lawyers are needed to make sure everything is properly laid out within the agreement. Even small business deals or transactions need professional contracts.

4. Military Attorney

There are attorneys who specialize in laws surrounding the armed forces. This is a very specialized type of attorney. They can handle cases involving active-duty military, military dependents, crimes committed on military bases and more. Laws impacting military attorneys vary depending on which country and state they are located in.

Many other unique types of attorneys are also prevalent. Motorcycle lawyers and  ecommerce attorneys are just a few examples of other specific needs attorneys.

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