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Dates Under $10


The word cheap is being replaced with the more positive-sounding word frugal, even when it comes to dating. There was a time when shelling out $100 to go out with someone you barely even knew was de rigeur and, for some, it’s still an option. However, if you’d rather save a little cash while on your date, there are plenty of ways to do that.

Look into your local theater pubs. Tickets are usually about $2 each, and pizza is available for just a couple of dollars, too. You combine the entire dinner and a movie staple for around $10 and the atmosphere is often much more relaxed and intimate. Before you call for reservations at the best steakhouse in town, reconsider what kind of date you want.

Throwback Options

Taking a walk during the summer months complete with a stop in an ice cream or cupcake shop is a great first date. Don’t dismiss the idea of a night of bowling, ice skating or even roller skating so quickly. Remember back in middle school when you desperately wanted to be asked to skate to the slow songs with your crush? Those desires are still there, so tap into them.

Taking a drive to a beautiful region for a hike or photography is another great choice. You get time together in the car to talk and you can both explore and experience something new. Being active on a date sets a great precedent, and it helps slough off any nervousness. No matter what your hobby or passion, consider sharing it with your date.

Forget Dinner

Your city likely has a wide variety of happy hour offerings, so instead of dinner, choose a happy hour location. You get the added benefit of a more-fun vibe while saving oodles of cash. Just be careful when it comes to ordering alcohol, since those are still costly and consuming too much is a quick way to ruin a date. However, to really make a date different, choose breakfast.

There’s no rule that dates have to take place at night. Share your favorite local breakfast joint with someone special on a weekend morning. If it’s a popular place with a long wait, that’s all the better. Use that time in line to build the anticipation (both of the food and the date) and simply talk with no distractions. Get comfortable with each other here first.

Stay Creative

Much like rehabs in Florida, ski companies in Colorado and condos in Hawaii, there’s no shortage of date options. Write down your ideas on slips of paper and keep them in a jar. You might not realize it, but drug rehabs, skiing and condos have a lot in common with dating. The possibilities are nearly endless, and it might take a little research to find the best.

If you can’t think up a new, fun date, go to your slips of paper. This works especially well for those in relationships or who’ve been dating the same person for awhile. Share your idea jar with them, and let fate decide what the date should be. You’re guaranteed to always have something new on the horizon.

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