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Top Crowdfunding Platforms to Make Your Business Dream Come True


Over the last few years, online crowdfunding platforms have completely reinvented the process of funding the projects of aspiring entrepreneurs and business groups. It has successfully re-ignited the creative spark many brilliant minds forcibly extinguish because of a lack of resources, which never lets them turn their dreams into a reality.

With the meteoric rise of crowdfunding platforms, you can easily pitch your idea to a global audience via an online campaign and get the support you need to finance your dream online virtual desktop design project.

Here are some of the top platforms you can use to campaign for your unique idea.

Rock the Post

If you’re small business entrepreneur looking for funding to facilitate your project, then Rock The Post is just what you need. This small-scale crowdfunding platform is an excellent way to develop a healthy following and take valuable feedback from a community of like-minded individuals who can help spread the message about your campaign.

With over 36 diverse categories to choose from, Rock The Post caters to diverse projects. Although it doesn’t charge for its standard service model, entrepreneurs are required to shed absolute clarity on their idea by explaining it and supporting it with a video pitch


Non-profit organizations often have a tough timeraising capital on most online crowdfunding platforms. Plenty of great campaigns ended up biting the dust as they got looked over in favor of other flashier campaigns.


Razoo is a fantastic platform that seeks to embrace and empower non-profit organization campaigns by giving them more freedom to express their idea. A unique profile page allows you to customize it with a host of media content and posts. The categories for fundraising causes include arts, disaster relief, cancer, environmental, animals, and many more.

It’s important to note that the non-profit organization you’re representing must officially be recognized before getting registered. Razoo charges a fixed 2.9% fee on all credit card donations.


FundaGeek aims to become the backbone of all scientifically inclined entrepreneurs seeking investments in scientific research studies or technology projects. It currently uses a seven to ninety-day “all or nothing” fundraising model for any project proposal that has been accepted.

Every proposed project undergoes an elaborate review of its creativity and marketability before it gets accepted. The browsing interface used by FundaGeek still needs more variety in category and easier project navigation. FundaGeek only charges projects that have been successfully funded, between 5-9% of their total raised capital.


Launched in early 2009, Kickstarter is seen as the godfather of online crowdfunding. It has now evolved into the world’s largest crowdfunding for creative projects. Kickstarter uses the “all or nothing” pledge-based funding model that has helped tens of thousands of artists and entrepreneurs give life to their creative projects.

Kickstarter charges a fixed rate of 5% of the total amount raised in a campaign. It steers clear of monetary returns on your investment and promotes offering unique incentives such as personalized “thank you” messages, special rewards, goodies and prototypes of their product.

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