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4 Best Home Design Softwares



Are you designing a new house but you just can’t seem to get the perfect visual for it? Your drawing skills are lacking and your spouse doesn’t seem to agree with you on anything you pick out! Well what are you suppose to do? Thanks to the technological era that we now live in, there are many options that can be offered to you.

Home design software has many benefits from custom designing to allowing you to visualize what you are working with. It works great with people looking to build their own house or for house building companies such as Costello Builders. Let’s take a look at the four best softwares for home design.

1. Home Design Studio Pro for Mac v17

Home Design Studio Pro is one of the greatest tools for home design that has been created. With the SmartWant feature, the user is able to apply materials and colors quickly with the click of a button.

Another great feature is the room layout tool. It allows you to drag and drop the rooms that you personalized into their appropriate spots and see if that layout works for you. It automatically builds the walls and adds roof every time you make an adjustment.

Cost: $170

2. HGTV Home Design

From the makers of the glorious TV channel, HGTV brings you an all-in-one home and garden software that is sure to take you to new levels. Having a hard time getting started? This package comes with 10,000+ home layouts to get the process going.

This bundle also comes packed with thousands of plants and garden items that can spruce up the look of any house! Anything that you want to do with your house, it can be done easily and quickly on this software.

Cost: $40

3. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro allows you to create buildings and houses that you could’ve never imagined. You can do everything from see the scene in 3D to add real-time shadows into the picture. Those sundials will forever be placed in the perfect spot.

Along with the 3D shadows, SketchUp Pro works seamlessly with Google Earth, allowing for terrain data and aerial photos to be included in your work.

Cost: $495

4. Live Interior 3D Pro

Live Interior lets you layout the perfect setting for either a small apartment or a large house. Drag and drop objects all over the floor and walls, then work them into a 3D model in real time.

This Pro version allows for a light source package, so you’ll never have to deal with a dark room again!

Cost: $129.95

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