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How to Stage Your Home to Sell


interior designIf your home is currently on the market, you likely know how difficult the real estate market is today for sellers. While you can’t do anything about the market conditions, you can do something about your home! According to the money pros at CNN, staging is an effective way to increase your home’s desirability to potential homebuyers so that you can make a quick sale, for the most money, and move on with your life! Here are some simple but effective staging tips to help you sell your home!

First, it is absolutely necessary to remove any and all clutter from your home. No one wants to see your bathroom supplies or kitchen silverware out. Any potential buyer will want to envision their own lives in this space, so clear out some room! Allow potential buyers to have a clean slate where they can picture their own furniture, pictures, and decorations instead of your own. This means that you should clear anything but the essentials out of the way whenever possible. Sometimes it is wise to even put some of your items into storage for a short period of time. Only use furniture that is necessary to avoid over-cluttering a space with too much furniture. Store extra furniture that takes up to much room in a unit. This way potential buyers can see every inch of space in your home from floor space, to closets, to shelves, to drawers without your stuff in the way. In addition to getting rid of clutter, also be sure to remove any personal items like pictures, cards or mementos.

Once you have removed all the extra “stuff”, be sure to set up your furniture in a specific and deliberate manner. Most stagers would agree that furniture groupings are essential to showing a room or a home well. When arranging furniture, be sure to move it away from the walls so that they “float” away. Next, position chairs in a manner that caters to small, close conversations. This shows the space off as functional, convenient, comfortable and intimate. In addition, floating furniture away from walls allows the space to seem larger and more open.

Finally, make sure every room in your home has a purpose and a function. While some rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms have obvious uses, it is important to show your potential buyer the best way they can utilize space in your home. If you have a room in your home that just serves as extra storage space or a multipurpose space, you need to reconsider. If it is a storage space, refer to the tip above which reminds us that all clutter needs to be removed to a storage unit. If the space is multi-functional (such as a playroom/office/den/spare bedroom) pick one!  The intention of each room should be clear and focused.  You may decide to stage the room as an office, a guest bedroom or even a playroom—but it can’t be all three!

All of these tips will help to improve the look and feel of your home so that it shows well to potential buyers. If you desire to understand home staging in more detail you may consider staging training for agents through an agency such as Mike Ferry Coaching. In addition you may choose to ask your realtor, a professional stager, or check out HGTV for insight and suggestions to help sell your home more efficiently.

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