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Now Trending: Emerging Drugs of Choice in the U.S.


The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that two recent drug trends are on the rise in the world of recreational drugs right now. If you are concerned that someone you love is abusing drugs, here are two big ones to watch out for.


The street name for a drug called MDMA, Molly is essentially a crystallized powder form of ecstasy. The powder is contained in capsules and is usually ingested orally, often in combination with other drugs.

Trends in Molly usage are on the rise right now because its users like the energy and euphoria it gives them. Molly has also gained popularity because pills like caffeine, methamphetamines, and other harmful drugs have been sold under the guise of being ecstasy in the past. Thus, ecstasy users began purchasing what they believed to be pure MDMA powder-containing capsules in order to avoid laced ecstasy pills.

However, the NIDA says that using Molly involves the same lacing risk factors as taking ecstasy in a pill form. “Hundreds of “Molly” capsules tested in two South Florida crime labs in 2012, for example, contained methylone, a dangerous stimulant commonly found in ‘bath salts,’” said the NIDA.

Other than the risks associated with its being laced, Molly users are at risk of many of the same physical effects associated with use of cocaine and methamphetamines. These health effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, blurred vision, faintness, chills and sweating.

In high doses, Molly can also disrupt the body’s normal temperature regulation. On rare occasions, this can cause the user’s body temperature to sharply increase, resulting in liver, kidney or cardiovascular system failure or potentially death.

The health dangers associated with pure Molly are alarming by themselves. However, if a Molly user takes a capsule that has been laced with other substances, they may be at an even greater risk of harmful health effects.

If someone you care about is experiencing sudden changes in sleep schedule and mood, know the dangers and warning signs of Molly.


Another drug trend on the rise right now is prescription-strength cough syrup. The NIDA reports cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine being used as a drug since the 1990s, when popular rap artists referenced the cocktail in their music.

Codeine is a liquid opioid that can produce relaxation and euphoria when enough of it is consumed. Promethazine is an antihistamine that also works as a sedative.  When cough medicine containing these ingredients is ingested in high enough quantities, it can cause a kind of high.

However there are high risks of overdosing on prescription-strength cough syrups containing codeine. This is because the codeine, as a heroin-like substance, depresses the central nervous system which can slow or even stop the heart and lungs. Unfortunately, overdose deaths from prescription opioid substances like cough syrup and prescription pills now outnumber the overdose deaths from all other drugs.

If you suspect that someone you love is using cough syrup to get high (i.e. empty cough syrup bottles around the house) seek treatment for the person immediately.

Getting Help

There are drug rehab facilities all over the country with experts who have dealt with cases of these drug abuse problems before. Whether the person you care about is addicted to Molly, cough syrup or any other harmful drug, the right rehab facility is out there.

Another helpful tip is learning from those who have struggled with addiction in the past. They are able to relate to you and understand the struggles you are going through. Seek out rehab support groups in your town or read stories from those who have overcome addiction.

With the right help, you can avoid the pitfalls of emerging drugs and do great things.

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