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Welcome to – A blog that focuses on providing a variety of news and insights for any one of your hobbies.

Whether you’re interests are focused on traveling and seeing the world, or you would prefer to keep up to date on the latest tech news from behind your desk, Pongra is focused on providing its readers with information for any one of their passions.  That way you’ll either have time to travel, or you’ll have plenty to read!


Adrienne ErinMy name is Adrienne, and I’m the head honcho here at Pongra. I’ve always loved writing, and blogging is great because it allows me to combine writing with any number of my other hobbies and interests. I’m particularly interested in social media, travel, and personal growth, but I blog about other things too. Someday I’m hoping to publish a book, but publishing blog posts is enough for now!

I write for a number of sites, but here are some of my favorites: SiteProNews, Search Engine People, Ask Miss A, and Gloven

When I’m not writing or fiddling with social media, you might find me speaking French (I took 3 years of the language and studied abroad in college!), attempting to cook overly elaborate meals in my tiny kitchen, or exploring nearby cities by foot. Get in touch – I love to meet my readers!

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Hello! My name is Carly Fierro and I do some of our promotion here at Pongra. I’m a freelance writer and self-proclaimed wordsmith extraordinaire. I have a passion for writing and content marketing; hence my love of blogging! I also love the internet – everything about it. You can do anything you want on the internet, vicariously of course, but it’s better than nothing! When I’m not writing I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my dogs, traveling, and wandering around farmers’ markets. I have such a wide variety of interests that you’ll never know what I”ll post on this blog, so stay tuned! Feel free to follow me as well:

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